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February 22, 2009, 10:12 AM
by Felisia A
lomo photography artikel article

Lomography is what we call photographs taken with the Lomo cameras. These are usually Russian cameras made by the Lomo company, best known as the "spy camera" folks (like 007), and also for high-quality lenses. Most of my art cameras are Lomos. For more information about Lomo cameras, check What''s a Lomo? with facts, speculation, and links. My art cameras and photos: Art Times Four: Lomo Action Sampler - the photo-photo-photo-photo camera, capturing four slightly different images in each frame. My first Lomo Action photo , King''s X unloading equipment in Nashua. Two men from King''s X band''s bus , my favorite Lomo Action photo, so far. King''s X arrives at Nashua, NH on 7 Aug 2000 , color enhanced. More of the arrival of King''s X in Nashua , and more color experiments. Lomo Holga , a classic "toy" camera, using medium format 120mm film. No photos yet. Lomo 35 - Smena , the $12 plastic one - fabulous lens, good in low light (it''s hard to find the 35, now). LomoWalls: Traffic Jams (in red) TKD School 27,000 Kicks . TKD Barbecue , Hollis, NH. How crisp is the Smena lens? Two pix with no text: Red Door in the Woods , and Glassy Stream near my former home in NH. How blurry can it get? See the newest Nail polish photos , an altered camera technique. Lomo Smena 8 , called the old "spy camera," 35mm. Mine was made in 1973. According to rumor, this was standard KGB issue. Not really a "spy camera," really. Just cool. No photos yet. Lomo LC-A , the modern jewel in the Lomo crown, a 35mm camera with a Radionov lens and quirky, artsy potential. No photos yet. Zenit , Russian 35mm SLR, runs from great to mediocre based on when & where made. Scan of the Zenit-E camera manual

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