Recycled Seat Belt Camera Straps (ide yang bagus nih) in Photography

April 14, 2009, 01:10 AM
by Felisia A
Recycled Seat Belt Camera Straps photography tips

Recycled Seat Belt Camera Straps   Extra photos for bloggers: 1 , 2 Time to buckle up, Photojojo fans. We’re not sure who decided that camera accessories should be ugly, bulky and downright drab, but we’re not fans. So we’ve got a huge crush on these hip new camera straps we just found. Salvaged from the back seats of some funky old automobiles, these straps feature adjustable slide buckles and are super-comfy, and super-strong. Plus, each one is made by hand in Chicago using only love & recycled materials . Get yours in Porsche Purple, T-bird Teal, Mercedes Gold, or Dodge Silver!

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