Suffering from Star Wars Celebration V Withdrawal? in StarWars-Indonesia

August 21, 2010, 09:36 AM
by erlang
Star Wars Celebration V

words: Bonnie Burton Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida is over. And quite frankly many of us are depressed and going through withdrawal. Here’s some ways on how to lessen your sadness now that you can’t look over your shoulder and see a giant AT-AT lurking behind you. 1. Have a Star Wars film marathon at home. Crank up your heater and humidifier to simulate Orlando weather. 2. Go on a Star Wars Celebration V shopping spree! Check out all the stuff you can buy like men’s Eau Lando Cologne , women’s “I Heart Scoundrels” T-shirt , Classic Yoda Ears Retro Cap and more ! 3. Dress up as an Ewok and head to your local park for a picnic. It might not relieve you of all your depression, but it sure will entertain the squirrels. 4. Call up all your friends that have remote control R2-D2 toys, meet up at the mall, and have a DIY droid parade! 5. Put on the Lando mustache from the Celebration V Disguise Kit and wear it all week. Prepare to be flirted with non-stop. Be sure to post your own ideas on how to deal with Star Wars Celebration V withdrawal symptoms — in the comments below. Or share your tips on Twitter, using the hashtag #swcvwithdrawal. Follow us at @starwars

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