Indofood Perang Bintang movieklips in StarWars-Indonesia

December 19, 2012, 11:33 PM
by Rancorny
Star wars merchandise food

Hello, I am a collector from Holland, Netherlands and I am trying to complete my Perang Bintang Indofood movieklip collection from 1996/1997. In this set are 100 platsic movieclips and 50 cardboard movieklips. I only need plasticnr 044 and 083. I also could use a plastic nr 011 as mine is folded and damaged. If you have these in their original wrappers that would be great but not necessary. I have quit a few extra movieklips or movieshots form Indonesia, Spain (Matutano), Holland (smiths) and France (Doritos). I laso have lots of tradingcards and stickers for trade. So if you want to trade please send me an email at . I also want to buy your movieclip collection (album, visor and movieclips plastic and cardboard). The movieclips must be in good concition please. There must be a collector among you who can help me or does have friends who can help me. Thanks and I hope to hear form you. Corny  

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