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September 08, 2008, 08:46 AM
by Felisia A
Macro photography tips Macro photography tips

Diambil dari : Macro Photography (Extreme Close-Up) Basics   MOVE IN ON TINY AREA OF SUBJECT with the TAMRON SP AF90mm F/2.8 Di 1:1 MACRO Choose a medium telephoto (about 90-180mm) macro lens. A comfortable working distance (distance between the front end of the lens to the subject) gives you the necessary room for lighting and other gadgets that you may need for extreme close-up photography. Get yourself a sturdy tripod to eliminate possible camera shake during long exposures which is common in close-up photography. High magnification also increases the effect of camera shake. Carefully choose your camera position. Do not cast your own or the camera''s shadow on the subjects. Switch to manual focus. Autofocus often does not work well in extreme close-ups that are half life- to full life-size shots. Focus on the middle area of the subject and stop down the lens aperture as much as the light allows. This will give you the most depth-of-field possible (zone in front and behind the subject that is in sharp focus). Bracket your exposure in half-stop increments under and over exposed. Two-stop over-exposed image of a rose (BELOW) gives you yet another lovely impression. Garden Flowers Let''s start in our own garden. CLOSE-UP PHOTOGRAPHY IS AS EASY AS.... Mounting an autofocus, tele-macro lens on your D-SLR (single-lens reflex) camera; Mounting your camera on a tripod for stability; Loading a media card; Framing a favorite subject in the viewfinder and pressing the shutter release button. ONE STEP FURTHER Set your camera on Aperture Preferred mode to make photograph sharp (by stopping down lens to a small aperture) or to blur background (by opening aperture ring to a larger aperture). Use a reflector board to bounce light onto subject and soften harsh shadows. Use an electronic flash to eliminate shadows and brighten highlights. Pro-Tip Place a piece of colored paper behind a flower to let the flower stand out in the picture.Colored paper also eliminates a busy background of unattractive branches, etc. Support the paper with a couple of sticks securely planted in soil behind the flowers. Place water drops on leaves with a spray bottle to give flowers the look of early morning dew. Do not take any flower pictures aimlessly. Pick one flower and concentrate on photographing it. FINAL TOUCH Make large blow-ups of your close-up pictures. Frame and hang them on your living room walls. Large blow-ups in frames make truly outstanding artwork

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