Artist Suckadelic Shows His Obama Support Star Wars-Style words: Bonnie Burton in StarWars-Indonesia

October 24, 2008, 09:13 AM
by erlang

Artist Suckadelic Shows His Obama Support Star Wars-Style words: Bonnie Burton With the presidential campaign heating up, there’s bound to be a few Star Wars fans out there wanting to show their support for their favorite candidate in their own creative way. Artist Suckadelic gives his take on presidential hopeful Obama with this one-of-a-kind art piece for the Jailbreak Toys “Art + Action = Obama ‘08″ art show. Star Wars Blog chats with him to get the low-down on this cool piece of Star Wars political art. What is this art fundraiser for? The fundraiser is to raise money for the Obama 2008 Presidential campaign. There are dozens of artists doing their own version of the Obama figure produced by JailBreak toys. All the proceeds from the sale of the toys will be donated to the campaign. Why did you decide to make your Obama art a Star Wars mashup? I just can’t help myself. No matter how hard I try not to, anytime I feel the need to “say something” with my artwork, the language of Star Wars just seems to be the most useful and Universal. People just instantly understand the symbolism. Why do you think Obama would make a great Jedi? He’s selfless and seemingly Uncorruptable. He “has the Force” if you will. He has been in a lot of tight situations during his run for the presidency and in the classic Star Wars fashion, gotten through just in time. He’s cool, smart, collected, and he fights against evil. He has that even handed bearing that Jedi have. What else would you like to let fans know about your Obama Jedi art piece? I was very excited to participate in this show. I have been a big time Obama fan since the primaries began. I “drank the Kool-aid” on him at the beginning and he has not disappointed me. As the race heated up in the last few weeks, I felt the desire to support him in some fashion, but I wanted to do it in a realm where I had some power. I am heavily involved in the designer toy movement, so when this came up, it was exactly what I was looking for, I wanted to raise money, but also say something. So this was a perfect fit for me. Combining the language of Star Wars and the elements of Hip Hop have been a study of mine for a long time. I think those two worlds connect quite well. I found that adding Barack Obama to that mixture was a seamless connection. So with this piece, he has the lightsaber, which speaks to his heroics. He has the boombox because he speaks for that generation of young, multi-cultural kids who communicate thru the language of Hip-Hop. Finally, I capped it off with the penny reference to riff on the comparison people have been making between Barack and Abe Lincoln. I also wanted to predict that he will be a great president; a president that is deserving of a depiction on a piece of US currency.

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