The Lightsabre Interview - Baron Von Tree in StarWars-Indonesia

November 11, 2008, 08:17 PM
by erlang
light saber star wars

The Lightsabre Interview - Baron Von Tree This week on Lightsabre we bring a fascinating interview with the man who thought up and made happen the Palitoy 2007 Archive at Celebration Europe , Dave Tree . We''ve known Dave for a while, since the Ultimart days of the early 2000''s, and it was pure chance that we bumped into him by the burger stand outside the Fox Pub at Celebration on the Friday night (lucky we were both wearing our respective logo-ed t-shirts!) It''s a great interview with some brilliant insight so drop by and take a read. Elsewhere we have our latest entry into Danny''s Diary . Danny Wagner , formerly of the ILM model shop and now an artist at Kerner Optical , brings us his memories of working on the Star Wars Special Editions , with more entries to follow during the week. With photo''s from his personal collection, this is one NOT to miss. We have news of a new Indiana Jones trading card set, a new Indy Setnin Select , Jonathan Hick''s 2002 story State of Play and a review of the Dagobah 2007 Poland that featured Gerald Home and Paul Blake as the countries first EVER official Star Wars guests. Oh, and next Sunday - in case we haven''t whispered loud enough - a certain Billy Dee Williams , in the only interview he conducted at Celebration Europe is our guest. And 2 weeks after that our second chat with Irvin Kershner . mini-website to promote the DVD''s, our latest convention in

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